Join the Falcon team and challenge yourself to always excel.

It's the culture

Culture is at the core of Falcon Shipping’s workforce. We work as a team. That means open communication is key as well as support from management and lead staff. There is no doubt you will be challenged, which is why we ensure every team member is set up with the tools and training to be successful.

Opportunity is knocking

We want every member of our team to feel inspired to be great and valued for what they do. We do this by ensuring everyone is clear on their goals and are incentivized through a competitive compensation structure as well as recognition for their outstanding results. We focus on team member growth and learning. We want to know how you want to grow personally and professionally and how we can drive that growth.

Apply today!

If you are looking for a diverse work environment to apply your skills and knowledge in order to grow in your professional career, you have come to the right place. Falcon Shipping provides opportunities to team members looking to be challenged and to excel in the world of logistics and transportation. This is your chance to be part of a growing team of exceptional professionals who will have your back.

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